Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about the product and delivery

Questions about the product

We currently offer beech and cherry from guaranteed Austrian forests. Other types of wood are currently not planned.

A bulk cubic metre (Srm) is one m3 of poured wood. A cubic metre would be one m3 of sized wood. Since our wood does not wedge as much due to the special surface, the difference between cubic metre and bulk cubic metre is smaller than usual. We pack on pallets with the usual dimensions (120x80x110cm).

Immediately after delivery from our wood suppliers, the firewood is split, sorted and dried for an average of seven days in a special drum drying facility. It is then packed directly and delivered to you. Year-round production ensures continuous availability.

Our handy firewood beech roll 33 cm weighs 10 kg, firewood beech roll 25 cm weighs 8 kg and our firewood cherry roll 25 cm weighs 6 kg.

We currently offer our firewood in the handy firewood roll with carrying handle or on a pallet in the net.

Our firewood is dried above average and therefore weighs less than conventional wood. A pallet of firewood packed in a net weighs about 380 kg.

The low moisture content of less than seven percent prevents this moisture from extracting the fuel gas from the wood and our product therefore achieves a significantly higher calorific value. The drier the logs are, the more calorific value can be achieved.

Cherry is our absolute premium product, which is also specially dried under 3% moisture, making it ideal for use in an open fireplace. Cherry has a calm flame pattern without flying sparks.

38 rolls correspond to the amount of one metre of bulk material.

The firewood is mechanically dried in a drum at an air temperature of 90 degrees, shifting it so that it dries evenly. The positive side effect is that the logs knock each other off and thus get the smooth surface. Neither additional energy nor additional work steps are needed in the process.

Questions about the ordering process

Depends on your heating behaviour, we have customers who provide cosy warmth every day and customers who only heat up once or twice a week. For a normal stove, you need approx. 3 kg of wood per heating process. Our average customer needs about 2 srm of firewood per season.

The following payment methods are available in Austria: Credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Diners, American Express and JCB), PayPal, Klarna Pay Now, Klarna Pay Later, Klarna Slice It, Sofortüberweisung, PaySafeCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and EPS Überweisung. Please note that you may not see all payment methods as some of them depend on the device or the total amount.

We authorise the credit card when you have successfully completed the online checkout. We will collect the money as soon as the order has been accepted and processed by us for the first time. If we have already charged the credit card when you request a cancellation, we will return the money at our expense.

Of course, we adhere to the legal regulations and you can revoke the purchase contract within the first 14 days. However, we would like to point out that you will bear the costs for the return shipment.

Questions about delivery

If it has to be fast, we ship the firewood immediately after the order and your shipment will be delivered within a few working days. We make the delivery as environmentally friendly as possible and therefore plan your delivery with our own fleet of vehicles if it suits.

We deliver the firewood packed on a pallet in a net or the rolls stacked on the pallet. In most cases, delivery is made with a truck incl. lifting platform and pallet truck. Upon delivery, we place the pallets on your desired location with a hand pallet truck, assuming barrier-free access and a paved subsoil.

We do not charge you for pallets. If you have an exchange pallet at your home, please let us know when ordering and we will be happy to exchange you on delivery. We usually deliver the firewood on a light, disposable pallet which we can take back with us for the next delivery. If you are sizing the firewood at your premises, we can move the pallet immediately on delivery so that we can take the pallet away again straight away, please let the driver know.