Firewood Beech 33cm as Roll

Firewood Beech 33cm as Roll


  • 100% beech wood from Austrian forests
  • About 10 kg per roll
  • Splinter-free, rounded & clean
  • Guaranteed from Austrian forests
  • Unique drying process

Cosy warmth with firewood from the Austrian copper beech. The logs have a length of 33cm, which are suitable for medium-sized and large stoves as well as for outdoor grills. The copper beech is harvested in Austria under sustainable and environmentally friendly conditions. We, as firewood and our suppliers, pay attention to an environmentally friendly, efficient and CO2 neutral value chain. The beech wood from Kaminholz is splinter-free, rounded and clean due to the unique drying process. This means that the firewood not only generates cosy warmth, but also burns with virtually no smoke. In addition to drying the logs, the firewood drying process is also responsible for rounding the logs. Beech with a residual moisture content of less than seven percent has a very good calorific value of 4.76 kW/kg and also offers good gluten development and a beautiful flame pattern. The firewood is delivered in a handy roll and can be conveniently piled up, transported and stored.

We guarantee the highest product quality through continuous checks of our drying systems and analyses of residual moisture. Our production processes are designed to be sustainable and efficient in order to keep the ecological footprint of our firewood products as low as possible.

The firewood drying process is particularly efficient, as the wood is dried to a residual moisture content of less than seven percent within seven days. To speed up the process, the firewood is regularly moved around in the drum, the positive side effect of which gives the firewood its characteristic shape.

By default, a telephone advice is planned for every order in order to find an ideal time that suits our customers for a smooth and fast delivery. After your order, we will contact you within a few working days to clarify the delivery details. If the telephone advice is not necessary for you, you can cancel the service in the course of entering your address data. Without telephone advice, your firewood will be delivered in just a few days and is therefore the fastest delivery method.

In selected regions, we use our own delivery vehicles and are therefore particularly flexible. Our trucks have a lift truck with them to manoeuvre the delivery to the desired storage location at ground level - for example, in a carport or in an underground garage.

Smaller quantities are shipped with parcel services. In Austria we ship with the Austrian Post and in Germany we cooperate with DHL or GLS. You can see whether it is a parcel delivery in the shopping cart.

Our raw material comes exclusively from Austria, such as the Vienna Woods or the Mittelburgenland. Sustainable forest management, in order to maintain the performance and productivity of forest ecosystems in the long term and to ensure the preservation of biodiversity throughout the forest area, is very close to our hearts. For this reason, we select our suppliers very carefully and build on long-term partnerships. The firewood production site is located in the Austrian Burgenland, directly on the southern motorway. This geographical location also enables short transport routes from the surrounding forests and fast onward transport to our customers.

Firewood is a renewable fuel and, unlike fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal, it burns in a CO2-neutral way. This means that when it burns, the fuel releases the amount of carbon dioxide that the tree needs during its growth phase. The heat for the drying process is largely generated by electricity generators from a biogas plant located in the immediate vicinity, and the production waste is also reused in our heating plant. Without us, the energy from the power generators would be released into the atmosphere. Good coordination and cooperation enables us to dry the firewood as environmentally friendly and efficiently as possible.

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